Maigi Ramjalg

Maigi Ramjalg

Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) massager and bodywork practitioner


I have done massages for 5 years recreationally. I got my MER bodywork certificate from Body Awareness Institute in 2017.


MER massage is stress- releasing, it helps people with chronic pain and to improve functional movement etc. MER bodywork is further development of Osho's rebalancing massage. MER bodywork is slow, meditative, but deep and strong. It aids functional movement and releases emotional baggage, since our emotions are stored in the connective tissue. MER balances body and mind, helps to improve blood circulation, energy flow, and raises sleep quality.

I live a healthy lifestyle, love meditating, have two children and I am also studying psychology.

Koulutus ja kielitaito

Body Awareness Institute, Tallinn.

Kielitaito: estonian and english.

Osoite: Helsinki (Myllypuro). I am also flexible to move and visit customers.


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