Kuldip Singh Khalsa

Kuldip Singh Khalsa

TAIYO bodywork practitioner, Kundalini yoga teacher


Kuldip Singh is a master teacher and practitioner of TAIYO Therapeutic Bodywork. For nearly 20 years Kuldip has specialized in physical and emotional trauma and how it interacts with our body and mind. He remains a student continuing to hone his craft and tools. He offers Bodywork Certifications Internationally, Weekly Martial Arts Classes and Kundalini Yoga workshops.


TAIYO Therapeutic Bodywork is internationally recognized for its ability to facilitate in the release of physical and emotional trauma from the body. It uses a three-step stroke: Connect, Open, Release.

The TAIYO system is unique in this approach because it utilizes a spiral like motion to unwind (release) traumatized connective tissue and memory. It is a whole body approach and innately it understands “how the one affects the whole”. TAIYO encourages a client to understanding the messages the body is giving. For example:

  • Shoulder pain is about issues of responsibility, or inability to respond to a given situation.
  • Back pain deals with issues of support. Are we supporting too much, or not being supported enough.
  • Neck pain tells us about feelings of disconnection from someone, or something in our lives.

Koulutus ja kielitaito

Licensed Massage Therapist (Crestone Healing Arts, Colorado 2004)

Certified Neuromuscular Therapist and Teacher (Centre for Psycho Somatic Studies, New York 2003)

Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, (KRI, Kundalini Research Institute, New Mexico 1998)

Advanced Martial Arts Instructor (TAIYO DOJO, New York, since 1984)

Kielitaito: I work in english.

Osoite: Laivurinkatu 33, 00150 Helsinki


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