Keadar Bongkot Al-Tayawi

Keadar Bongkot Al-Tayawi

Holistic healing facilitator & Spiritual healer


Although I have my educational background in linguistics and language teaching, I am familiar with different traditions of healing with my parents also being healers. There has been generations of healers on my maternal lineage back in Thailand where I'm from. I also continue to educate myself on Western traditions and trends.


There is no one size fits all when it comes to peoples lives, each individual experiences things differently so I approach each client based on the need. However, I find that bringing consciousness and healing from energy level and dimension often brings long lasting results and can help change one's life tremendously. Although the healing process is led intuitively, I sometimes incorporate Tarot cards reading for counseling as well as using a variety of meditation methods to fit each situation. 

Koulutus ja kielitaito

Bachelor of Arts from Thammasat University, Thailand 2002. Master's Degree in Russian linguistics from St. Petersburg State University, Russia 2005. Ph.D. in Russian Linguistics (specialized in teaching and phonetics) from St. Petersburg State University, Russia 2008.

Kielitaito: Thai, englanti, venäja ja suomi. 

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