Justine Cederberg

Justine Cederberg

Ayurveda Consultant


I discuss how to use Indian spices and Nordic food as “medicine”. I grew up on Vancouver Island, Canada therefore I understand the Northern climate. Living on a beautiful island taught me the tranquility of working with plants. I started healing folks with plants from a very young age. To deepen my understanding as an herbalist I studied Ayurveda and added Ayurveda to my herbal practice in 2012.

I take into account Western alternative medicine and can work with those currently on a special diet. My recommendations are based on Nepalese Ayurveda, where the colder climate can allow for more fats and proteins.

Ayurveda is an unbroken medicinal practice. In the West we can use the principles of Ayurveda to live harmoniously amongst our four seasons in the North. Ayurveda is recommended for anyone that is ready to look into the mirror of thy self.

Feedback from client: “ I have more lightness, optimism and peace in me. Justine reflects warmth, intelligence and kindness around her, and her expertise in Ayurveda is impressive. I feel now more whole as a person.”


My superpower is plant power! 

In Finland, it is common to treat folks with digestive, asthmatic, and liver/ kidney issues. Each individual has their own special needs and I am here to help.

Koulutus ja kielitaito

Clinical Ayurveda Therapist, Herbalist, and Yoga Teacher. Teacher at the Finland Ayurveda Association and writer for Ananda Lehti.

I studied Ayurveda and yoga in Portland, Oregon with Sarah Joy Marsh, Richard Haynes and Gianna Piccardo.

Kielitaito: Consultations and classes are offered in English. 

Osoite: Helsinki 

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